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Jiong tactical innovation Cuadrado t-brewing or succession Vidal play defensive midfielder

YORK, Sept. 12 report: Chievo will usher in the 'end to end wars', when talking about public opinion formations, most of the focus as Sandro and Hernanes. In contrast, the return to Serie A, it seems that some can not afford the public hanging of appetite, visibility is not very high, but 'FIFA football market,' said that with the new round of embarrassing tert-depth tactical experiments, Colombians likely It will be the key man Bianconeri. Soccer Market: embarrassing t-brewing tactical innovation despite Chelsea's six months validity is not successful, but individual ability Cuadrado still not be questioned, from any point of view, the former Florence's first card FIFA 16 players, are regarded as one of Juve this summer Pen important signings. But as a wing commando, Colombian striker technical characteristics and tactical Allegri is not compatible, 352 said okay, praise God with Lichtsteiner rotation kick right, but formation in 4312, the Quad Colorado and other advantages of speed and dribbling no way to play, but also unable to compete with the attacking midfielder Hernanes experts. Against Roma last round of league, uufifa embarrassing evolutions 433 t at the last moment, Juve played on the 16th was able to more than 10 minutes, but the formation is clearly not the main zebra military tactics, the results increasingly chaotic scene, Cuadrado just playing the soy sauce only. How will boast Deladuoan 4312 inserted tactics, become Allegri must address the issue. 'FIFA football Market' reporter observed daily by Juve's training, tactical thinking of embarrassing Uncle analyzed, the conclusion is: Cuadrado play defensive midfielder is likely to change. Juventus midfielder link to dominate Serie key, but after Andrea Pirlo and Vidal left the band, the central aspect is greatly weakened. In the existing configuration, the center midfielder Marchisio competent role, replace Pirlo big problem, you can substitute the Chilean fighter did not secured, whether or Stuttgart La Pereira, were unable to fill in both attack and defense end of space, basically in the abandonment of passive defense state involved in the attack. Cuadrado there may be the ideal replacement for Vidal. Colombians hit the right side, but it is also a midfielder Tiger Balm, when the effectiveness of Florence, had a guest role midfielder and right back, Allegri praise God transform realistic basis.
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