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Testimonial Been with ausfrags for years

I have been with Ausfrags for years and have used them to host Minecraft, Teamfortress 2, Teamspeek and have had dedicated server in the past.

I have all so hosted some of these servers with a lot of other hosts in Australia and Ausfrags has better quality servers and connections then most of the competition i have tried, how ever their support use to be reassemble fast but over the past 4-6 months i have noticed they have been taking a bit longer to get back to support tickets 8-36hours or more on rare occasions, but when they do get back to you their support is very good and they know what their talking about.

Now pricing with ausfrags is very competitive with the competition if you factor in the quality of their servers and their support (when they respond), how ever i think they do need to review their dedicated server pricing as their a quite a bit more expensive then most of the competition.

Some Thing i love about Ausfrags:
1. Their server/network are some of the best in Australia.
2. Their support is friendly and very helpful.
3. Their website Is very well and professionally done and easy to use.
4. They are willing to go the extra mile to help their clients.
5. Their pricing is very good for what you get. Especially with their TEN4LIFE coupon code.

Suggestions to Ausfrags to Improve their Service:
1. Improve your response time for customers support tickets maybe add a paid option for super fast (emergency) supports tickets
2. Review pricing on the dedicated servers maybe look at the competition.
3. Add a network status checker thing <- (technical name) so people can see if the servers are up and running properly example:
4. Improve these forums a little their vary basic i.e no formatting options and full of spam.
5. Improve communication with your clients I.e. twitter, facebook, forums. Maybe have some competitions or something.

Overall Ausfrag is a great choice for your hosting needs if you want to have quality servers for you players to play on at a competitive price and i will continue to host with them for the foreseeable future.
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