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Killing Floor 2 server setup

Sun Woo KSun Woo K Member
edited March 2017 in General
Hello. I'm little confused.
Firstly, my server doesn't show when I do a server search inside the game.

How do I then access my server to change map, kick idiots, change wave lengths and so on?


  • hi im here to answer my own question. took me literally hours to work it out. if you are here for answers as well maybe i can help.
    1. if your server is already running, END it.
    2. you MUST upgrade using the steam upgrade thing in control panel
    3. let it download and install, takes about 15min
    4. dont need to edit any settings like most of the google search suggets. its all setup properly.
    5. access webconsole and changemap, difficulty, and so on. play around here and im sure you will work it out.

    thats it.
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