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No Reply From Support Team

I have been emailing and have opened a ticket because i cannot access the Game Panel.
Anyone else having this problem?

I have had no reply from staff for over a month and im paying for my service.


  • pau gpau g Member
    100% been a week now and still no reply, i havent been able to use my server
  • my last payment hasn't applied to my account and no response from support, assuming i'll lose my service shortly. Not sure anybody is home out there.
  • Same. I paid money and it still says that I'm owning when I am not. Money came out, have receipt and everything. No reply from support.
  • B NB N Member
    Still no reply? This is shit, i hate this support so much.
    Sorry "Support"
  • Yeah, same deal here as Daniel D. My account is meant to be suspended tonight, so I'm getting a refund from Paypal and going elsewhere.
    PS. I had a ticket that hadnt been replied to since Dec LAST YEAR, so I think it's fair to say the staff is gone.
  • B NB N Member
    Boys it's all good, the support hasn't gapped, this might be a large issue so it might be that they have tons of tickets, i got my server refunded in less than a day, just need to be patient.
  • Perhaps they should consider clearing their Client Center sticky notification from the 2017 message that's still there and replace it with one for their current issue, if there is a complication which requires our patience. I don't feel like i'm asking for much here...
  • They haven't replied to me in months I don't know who to contact about this
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