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Echo's Yokai drones no more possess a green filter

A very little and appreciated change for the Echo mains out there: it will now be easier to see what is happening through Yokai drones. When Echo was first released, the green filter has been a fascinating addition that distinguished it from different cameras in the game with Buy R6 credits, but now with both Bulletproof Cameras and Evil Eyes having similar green filters which determine through smoke, then it probably made more sense to remove the filter to avoid any misconceptions. Works for me!

Ubisoft's ongoing attempts to buff and rework its competitively viable maps could continue with a rework of Kanal. The Hamburg-set map has been one of those game's initial maps, but has not featured in the ranked map rotation pool for a long time now. The first Rainbow Six Siege map rework to Hereford was declared two seasons ago and is almost ready to be rolled out, so the community is already questioning what is next on Ubisoft's priority list.

We talked with Rainbow Six Siege's match designer Leroy Athanassoff in the Six Major Paris about the studio's upcoming programs for map reworks. "For map reworks, we are just looking at maps which have a nice competitive potential, like for instance, Kanal. All these are maps where we believe that by working on them we may be able to bring them back to the aggressive map roster"

Kanal is one of the very balanced maps to not be contained in the rated map pool, but it have a few important problems: it is a safe sanctuary for spawnpeekers, and there is just a single rotation route between its two main buildings Wikipedia. Certainly, Kanal is much more prepared for rated and competitive play compared to maps like House, Favela, and Plane, therefore it would be logical for Ubisoft to aim it as its next map rework.
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