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How to install the latest CraftBukkit

ZachZach Administrator
This tutorial will show you how to install the latest development builds of CraftBukkit.

Downloading CraftBukkit
First off, you'll need to download the last CraftBukkit build from HERE. Alternatively you can download it from -> Alternate versions -> Latest dev build.

Uploading CraftBukkit to your server
Now you need to upload the craftbukkit build to your server. Go into your server's game panel home and open the file manager. Click "Upload", browse your computers files and select the craftbukkit jar file you downloaded.

Setting your server to launch from the CraftBukkit jar file
In your game server's home, select "Commandline Manager", select "Custom commandlines" and then select new. Create a new commandline configuration like so:


Make sure you select that as the commandline to launch from:


And that's it! Your server is now running the latest development build of CraftBukkit! If you have any further issues feel free to contact us via IRC or by a support ticket.
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