Terms of Service

All AusFrag clients must agree to these terms.

Listed below are the terms and conditions you are agreeing to when purchasing any product from AusFrag. You agree that AusFrag may modify this agreement and the Conditions from time to time. You agree to be bound by any changes AusFrag may make to this agreement, you should make sure you periodically review the Terms and Services to make sure they meet your needs. AusFrag may be reffered to as "we", "us" or other first-person pronouns. These Terms and Conditions apply to you if you have purchased Services from AusFrag or if you are are a player who contributes to the service fees and shall continue in full force and effect as long as you take advantage of and use the Service.

Duration of Contract

The duration of your contract and services provided will depend on the duration that you have paid for. If you order and pay for a "Monthly" service on the 20th Jan 2012, your service will expire on the 20th Feb 2012 (unless additional payment is provided to renew the service - you will be invoiced 5 days before the renewal date and if payment is received within 7 days your service will be automatically renewed for an additional month). We reserve the right to terminate your contract / service at any time with AusFrag if you are found to have breeched the Terms and Conditions.

Service Level Agreement

While AusFrag endeavours to provide a 100% uptime and does so most of the time, we offer a service level guarantee to all our clients of 99.95% uptime per month. This agreement excludes all Control Panel issues & Game Server FTP issues we may encounter during the month. If we fail to reach our 99.95% uptime agreement we will issue all clients who were effected a percentage based credit to their account.

Payment Methods

Payments to AusFrag are performed via the popular and trusted PayPal Gateway. Using the PayPal gateway means we don't handle any payment credentials including bank details, credit card and other account details. PayPal allows users to pay via their bank account, credit card or even debit card.

Dedicated Servers

To cover our low cost pricing AusFrag requires a 30 day notice prior to cancelling your service for all dedicated servers plans.

Inappropriate use of services

We insist that users do not abuse or use our services in any of the following manners, or in a manner which may cause a degradation in the service quality for others;
* Uploading or Transmittal of any information or material which is copyright protected, explicit, pornographic, warez, threatening and/or upsetting content or other similar illegal activities is not permitted.
* Use of our services(s) to Hack, Spam, DoS attacks or similar activities is not permitted.

Abusive Remarks

AusFrag does not tolerate rude, discrimination or racist behaviour towards any AusFrag staff, customers or company sponsors. This includes abuse via any contact methods AusFrag provides. Abusive remarks can lead to suspension or termination of your account and permanent bans from all of our systems, you will not have the right to use legal action against us or claim a refund.

Price Changes

AusFrag may have to alter our prices; however clients will be notified if they are affected. If we change our prices, there is a good chance that existing clients will get to keep the same price they originally purchased with.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your account with us at any time, and you will therefore not be billed for the next month, AusFrag offer a 3 day money back guarantee. If you request a cancellation of your product after the 3 day guarantee expires, we may refund you pro-rata however this is entirely at our discretion and will not be given in all cases.

Domain name registration

When ordering a domain name it is very important to check your order thoroughly before submitting, if you click process order please note that all sales are final, no refunds will be issued. Once the domain is registered, the spelling cannot be changed.

Game Server Support

We provide support for billing, account, performance & general server issues. 3rd party plugin issues with your server is something the client is responsible for. We suggest lodging a question with the provider of the plugin and not us.

Overdue Payments

If your payment is overdue, your server will be suspended. The only way to get your server unsuspended is the pay the overdue bill. After three days, AusFrag may delete your server files.

PayPal Subscriptions

If a client has requested a cancellation of service, it is their responsibility for them to terminate the subscription.
NO REFUND will be issued to clients who fail to cancel their subscription.

Malicious Attacks

AusFrag will not tolerate any attempt to disrupt our services, or attack our infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to Denial of Service Attacks, Malware Attacks, or Defacement. Additionally, if your server is the target of a Denial of Service attack, your service may be terminated.

Data Loss

AusFrag are not responsible for any data loss you encounter, regardless of the cause. We recommend you keep regular backups of your server files.